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Cioppino Flatbread

Continuing Our Commitment to Quality and Flavor

Bruin Plate, UCLA's newest dining hall, is among the first health-themed dining halls in the country. UCLA Dining Services is focused more than ever on locally-sourced produce and meats from nearby farms, sustainable seafood, unprocessed and preservative-free items, organic foods, cage-free eggs, nutrient-packed ingredients, and expanded vegetarian and vegan options.

Dishes at Bruin Plate include an array of familiar and exotic foods like kale, farro, amaranth, lentils, acai berries, and more. Entrées, such as root vegetable tagine, sweet potato burger, and chicken with dates and polenta, are designed to let the high-quality ingredients really shine.

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Eat well, be well.


With seating for 900, Bruin Plate is
the largest residential restaurant at UCLA.


More than 400 unique recipes were
developed for the Bruin Plate menu.


20 percent of the food served at Bruin Plate
is sustainable and locally-sourced.

Quality, Freshness, and Flavors.

Bruin Plate is an important addition to the existing dining options at UCLA as it exemplifies the UCLA Dining Services commitment to nutrition, choice, and meeting the needs of UCLA students.

Because its focus is on quality, freshness, and flavor, Bruin Plate helps to remove the stigma often associated with "healthy food." Serving only healthy menu items also eliminates the inherent dilemma most diners have when faced with choosing what to eat.

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